Adal Vargas, Sr. PHP Developer

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Featured Projects

tentupagina Platform

I'm developing new features of the brand's Web Platform, which is for the creation of Websites for small business.

Blog tentupagina

I implemented a Blog for the brand, as part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy.

ADL Personas

I developed a platform, which is used for Landing Pages and makes it possible user tracking; to facilitate the self-completion of forms, customize screens, obtain the conversion page, part of their browsing history and other related details.


Projects with the team

Volvo Cars Dealers Websites for Mexico

I was part of the development team of the project, which allows making changes in a simple way according to the offer of the brand, through the Web Pages of its distributors in Mexico.

Credenz Website

I participated as Project Manager of the website renovation project for the Credenz brand.

Porsche San Angel, BMW Imagen, Audi Masaryk Landings

I was part of the web developers team, of the landing pages:

Porsche San Angel

BMW Imagen

Audi Masaryk
Buzón de Leads

I was part of the project development team. The project is used to manage leads specialized in the automotive industry in Mexico. Currently I only bring support and resolve doubts.


I was part of the project maintenance team. The platform is used to manage tasks, based on the Scrum methodology.


I was part of the project maintenance team. The platform is used to send Follow-up Letters to Customers of several Premium Car dealers in Mexico.


I was part of the project maintenance team. The platform is used to send E-mail Blast Campaigns.


I was part of the project implementation and maintenance team. The platform is used to manage vehicle inventory of Premium Car Dealers.

Dashboard Marketing

I was part of the project development team. The platform serves for the analysis of ROI, through KPI's of the Automotive industry.


Professional Career


  1. Systems Development Technician Diploma at CETEC, ended 2005
  2. Degree in computer systems at UAEH, ended 2014
  3. Marketing Trends Diploma at ITESM, ended 2016
  4. Inbound Marketing Certification at Hubspot Academy, ended 2016
  5. Several Courses at Udemy Academy, since 2017 to the present.


  1. Technician repairing computer equipment and web page design, independent, 2009 - 2014.
  2. IT Support and Customer Service Technician in cyber coffe, Ciber Xtreme: 2010 - 2014.
  3. Web Developer for Consultant, Enti-CH, S.A. of C.V., January - April 2014.
  4. Web Developer, Digital Project Leader at Inbound Marketing Agency, August 2014 - April 2017.
  5. Founder, Digital Marketing Advisor and Backend Developer for startup tentupagina, April 2017 - Present.
  6. Sr. PHP Developer for Desarrollos Soft2Be S.A. de C.V., February - April 2019.
  7. Sr. PHP Developer for CODES S.A. de C.V., April - April 2019.

Professional Skills

Soft Skills:

  1. Proactive
  2. Teamwork
  3. Solidarity
  4. Communication
  5. Leadership
  6. Compromise
Architecture & Methodology:
  2. CRUD
  3. Git
  4. SOAP (Consumption)
  5. OOP, MVC, ORM, JWT, XSS Prevention
  6. Agile: Scrum & Kanvan
  1. Digital Ocean
  2. cPanel
  3. WHM
  4. Amazon S3, SES, SNS
  5. Madrill, SparkPost
  6. Slack, Trello, Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Frameworks, Scripts:

  1. Laravel (v3 - v5.5) 4 years
  2. Lumen
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. Zend Framework 3
  5. Cake PHP
  6. WordPress
  1. PHP (v4 - v7) 5 years
  2. Ubuntu Server (Shell) v14.04 - v18.04
  3. Apache v2
  4. MySQL
  5. SSH & FTP
  6. Composer & Postman


  1. Bootstrap v3 - v4
  2. JS, JSON, jQuery, Ajax
  3. Cookies, LocalStorage
  4. CSS
  5. HTML (DOM)
Integrations & APIs:
  1. Paypal
  2. Mercado Pago
  3. Compro Pago
  4. Twilio
  5. What Converts
  6. Mandrill
  7. Zapier, Facebook Leads Ads
  8. Google Analytics, Charts & Maps
  9. C3 & D3 Charts
  10. Datatables & TNT Search

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • I am honest. To comply with dates, when a deviation arises (inevitably) I inform it adequately and in advance.
  • I can work in a team, I am solidary and good listening. I can participate in high level decisions and collaborate if necessary in more administrative activities privileging the result and the quality of the relationships over my authorship in the ideas.
  • Proactively I report the status and progress of my tasks.
  • Not only do I receive requirements, but I look for and generate them. I help define processes, methodologies, standards and comply with existing ones.
  • I can be a technical reference within the team. My knowledge allows me to collaborate on architectural definitions and develop complex projects. My code works, it's good and I try to make it easy to maintain.


  • I usually do not talk much, however that allows me to listen more.
  • I usually do not get emotionally involved, but for that reason I can be impartial with the treatment towards others.
  • I am generally an Introvert, but it has worked for me to achieve greater concentration and productivity.
  • I do not get up early, because when I assign myself or comeone assign me something, I try to do it until I finish.
  • I get bored easily, if I'm not working on something challenging I get frustrated and with prior communication, anticipation and coordination I abandon it.


Why choose Adal?
I'm passionate about what I do, I can understand the Big Picture, I have experience, I'm an active developer and I have several Strengths that you can use in pro of your project.
Do you have availability to relocate?
Yes I do.
If the work is remote, would you go to the offices of my company / business for monthly meetings?
Yes I would